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Wavy Gold Threader with Black Crystal

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4" Wavy threader earrings in Vermeil (14K Gold over Sterling Silver - no funny metals) hand shaped to accept a black Swarovsky crystal cube that has been treated with the Aurora Borealis coating on half the crystal which gives some lively reflective color as shown in the photos. The 2 gray ears are displaying the same earring from 2 different sides to attempt to show how the shimmer can vary depending on the angle of the light.
The thread earrings contain NO nickel (which is the most common cause of allergic reactions).

The 'needle' is the same thickness as most earring posts. The 'thread' is the same size again. The difference between putting on this earring and any other pierced earring you've worn in the past is that once you get to the 'thread' you're pulling something flexible thru your piercing instead of something that's rigid. So the sensation is a bit different. Stoppers are included and can be slipped onto the back of the threader all the way up behind the ear, out of sight.

Also available in Sterling Silver.

FREE Shipping in USA. Comes with instruction card and in a pretty little box ready for gift wrap.

Fully guaranteed against breaking, we'll be happy to replace if needed.

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